Hi, I'm Sara

I am a user experience designer at Microsoft on a mission to make the workflows (and lives) of IoT device developers and builders a little easier with customer-centric thinking and designs.


Simplifying kiosk set-up on Windows

Redesigning the flow to set up a "locked-down" - single use - kiosk application on a device using the Assigned Access feature.

Designing an end-to-end device management solution

Bringing Windows device management features into Azure's remote device management platform to design an end-to-end solution.

Designing device health for device builders

Designing device health for a new project. This case study is password protected. Please email me if you are interested in viewing this.


Modernizing the Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center website

I led a team to redesign the website for the Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center, which resulted in a fully responsive and ADA-compliant site.

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